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It’s Time For Amazon & Kohl’s To Consummate Their Relationship With An Amazon Go Partnership

AUTHOR :Chris Walton PUBLISHED : Aug 25, 2020 Kohl’ +2.8%KSSs latest earnings report reads like the tale of a young high schooler excited to go to the […]


Retail employment plunges at fastest rate since financial crisis

AUTHOR : Elias Jahshan PUBLISHED : August 25, 2020 The UK’s retail employment rate has plunged at the fastest pace since the 2008/09 financial crisis and […]


The running list of 2020 retail bankruptcies

AUTHOR :Retail Dive Team PUBLISHED : Aug. 17, 2020 This year, retailers are facing even tougher challenges, as the coronavirus outbreak caused most U.S. retail to […]


Consumer Psychology Is The Only Constant In A Changing Retail Market

AUTHOR :Pamela N. Danziger PUBLISHED : Aug 23, 2020 Years ago, Jeff Bezos famously said: “I very frequently get the question: ‘What’s going to change in the next […]


Already Leaning Towards Digital Money, Covid-19 Pushes More People Towards Contactless Payments

AUTHOR :Liz Frazier PUBLISHED : Aug 21, 2020 With the rise of payment platforms like Venmo and Paypal, debit/credit cards and Apple Pay, consumers have been […]


Tesco to create 16,000 new permanent jobs

  AUTHOR : Elias Jahshan PUBLISHED :August 24, 2020 Tesco has announced that it will create 16,000 new permanent jobs in the UK, most of which […]


Aliababa, Amazon, JD.com and Pinduoduo will account for 65% of global online beauty sales over the next 5 years

AUTHOR : Ben Stevens PUBLISHED : 21st August 2020 Alibaba, Amazon, JD.com and Pinduoduo will account for over half of the world’s online health an beauty sales […]


Adidas and Deliveroo launch limited-edition “edible life-size cake version” of its new Boost trainers

AUTHOR : Ben Stevens PUBLISHED : 21st August 2020 Adidas has partnered with Deliveroo for a unique product drop, offering Londoners the chance to win a free […]


Burberry becomes first luxury brand to launch £90 designer face masks

AUTHOR : Ben Stevens PUBLISHED : 21st August 2020 Burberry has become the first luxury fashion brand to launch a range of designer face masks, costing […]


Walmart teases launch of Walmart+ membership program as e-commerce sales surge during pandemic

AUTHOR :Melissa Repko PUBLISHED : UPDATED TUE, AUG 18 2020   Walmart gave investors a few hints about its forthcoming membership program Tuesday, saying it will [...]