Japanese online watch rental concept Karitoke opens third store and launches AR app

PUBLISHED 10/03/2020
Retail Asia

Japanese watch rental service Kairtoke is launching in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Marui building next Friday.

The Karitoke store offers monthly watch rentals from more than 40 available brands and 1100 models, with users invited to preview how each watch will look on their wrist before visiting the outlet via an AR app. Users can check from home whether the size of any particular watch matches the size of their wrists, and can coordinate the timepieces with their clothes and suits.

The Karitoke AR app is unique in Japan in that it is not limited to a specific brand or model of watches. All watches advertised on the brand’s website are now available in the Shinjuku Marui store, the brand’s third physical outlet following its locations in Yurakucho Marui and Namba Marui.

All Karitoke rentals must be reserved in advance online.

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