It’s Time For Amazon & Kohl’s To Consummate Their Relationship With An Amazon Go Partnership

AUTHOR :Chris Walton PUBLISHED : Aug 25, 2020 Kohl’ +2.8%KSSs latest earnings report reads like the tale of a young high schooler excited to go to the […]

Retail employment plunges at fastest rate since financial crisis

AUTHOR : Elias Jahshan PUBLISHED : August 25, 2020 The UK’s retail employment rate has plunged at the fastest pace since the 2008/09 financial crisis and […]

The running list of 2020 retail bankruptcies

AUTHOR :Retail Dive Team PUBLISHED : Aug. 17, 2020 This year, retailers are facing even tougher challenges, as the coronavirus outbreak caused most U.S. retail to […]

Consumer Psychology Is The Only Constant In A Changing Retail Market

AUTHOR :Pamela N. Danziger PUBLISHED : Aug 23, 2020 Years ago, Jeff Bezos famously said: “I very frequently get the question: ‘What’s going to change in the next […]

Already Leaning Towards Digital Money, Covid-19 Pushes More People Towards Contactless Payments

AUTHOR :Liz Frazier PUBLISHED : Aug 21, 2020 With the rise of payment platforms like Venmo and Paypal, debit/credit cards and Apple Pay, consumers have been […]

Tesco to create 16,000 new permanent jobs

  AUTHOR : Elias Jahshan PUBLISHED :August 24, 2020 Tesco has announced that it will create 16,000 new permanent jobs in the UK, most of which […]

Aliababa, Amazon, and Pinduoduo will account for 65% of global online beauty sales over the next 5 years

AUTHOR : Ben Stevens PUBLISHED : 21st August 2020 Alibaba, Amazon, and Pinduoduo will account for over half of the world’s online health an beauty sales […]

Adidas and Deliveroo launch limited-edition “edible life-size cake version” of its new Boost trainers

AUTHOR : Ben Stevens PUBLISHED : 21st August 2020 Adidas has partnered with Deliveroo for a unique product drop, offering Londoners the chance to win a free […]

Burberry becomes first luxury brand to launch £90 designer face masks

AUTHOR : Ben Stevens PUBLISHED : 21st August 2020 Burberry has become the first luxury fashion brand to launch a range of designer face masks, costing […]

Walmart teases launch of Walmart+ membership program as e-commerce sales surge during pandemic

AUTHOR :Melissa Repko PUBLISHED : UPDATED TUE, AUG 18 2020   Walmart gave investors a few hints about its forthcoming membership program Tuesday, saying it will [...]

Staples Now Requires Masks. Here Are All The Other Major Retailers Requiring Them.

AUTHOR :Elana Lyn Gross ,Rachel Sandler PUBLISHED : Updated Jul 25, 2020   TOPLINE Large retail chains including Walmart and Target have started requiring customers to [...]

July retail sales were OK. August may be another story.

Consumers recently have become more loyal to the brands they shop. According to a survey from e-commerce marketing platform Yotpo released last November, a quarter said they were

What COVID-19 did to customer loyalty

AUTHOR : Caroline Jansen PUBLISHED : Aug. 12, 2020   Consumers recently have become more loyal to the brands they shop. According to a survey from e-commerce marketing […]

covid era & Retail future

It’s unlikely that consumers’ lives will return to normal in the near future. And as they’ve adapted their media and shopping habits to manage their lives [...]

Customer Experience Mindset In A Post COVID-19 World

It used to be that customer experience was the only way to differentiate your brand among a sea of sameness. Now the challenge is not just [...]

Four long-term retail trends in post-COVID-19 world

Retailers are incredibly resilient. Despite everything that’s been thrown at the retail world (from economic turndowns to the threat of a literal apocalypse) it has the [...]

COVID-19 Crisis Management: Sharing My Retail Lessons Learned

While the coronavirus has caused unprecedented disruption in the retail industry, some aspects of this pandemic are not entirely unique. Although on a more regional scale, [...]

Reimagining stores for retail’s next normal

At some point, retail stores will reopen—but unless apparel and specialty retailers redefine the role of the store and revamp store operations, they will be ill [...]

Happy Persian New Year

We Pray together, in these valuable hours and seconds, Oh reformer of hearts and minds Director of day and night and transformer of conditions Change ours [...]

What 5 retail industry leaders are saying about coronavirus

AUTHOR : Kaarin Vembar@truetostyle PUBLISHED : March 13, 2020 It is not exactly clear what the depth of the fallout from COVID-19 will entail for the retail [...]

Japanese online watch rental concept Karitoke opens third store and launches AR app

PUBLISHED 10/03/2020 Retail Asia Japanese watch rental service Kairtoke is launching in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Marui building next Friday. The Karitoke store offers monthly watch rentals from [...]

The impact of the coronavirus on retail

AUTHOR : Ben Unglesbee @Ben_Unglesbee Daphne Howland @daphnehowland Kaarin Vembar @truetostyle PUBLISHED : March 5, 2020 as with major weather events, retailers' top priority as COVID-19 [...]

Retail sales expected to climb between 3.5% and 4.1% in 2020, unless coronavirus derails growth, trade group says

PUBLISHED WED, FEB 26 202011:20 AM Lauren Thomas @LAURENTHOMAS Retail sales in 2020 are forecast to rise between 3.5% and 4.1%, topping $3.9 trillion, despite the [...]

Retail ‘in real life

PUBLISHED Feb. 28, 2020 AUTHOR Daphne Howland@daphnehowland     PALM DESERT, Calif. — For a conference with a focus on "e-commerce and omnichannel retail," the February [...]

Amazon just opened a cashierless supermarket – here are all the ways it’s trying to upend the grocery industry

PUBLISHED TUE, FEB 25 20201:57 PM EST Annie Palmer @ANNIERPALMER Amazon on Tuesday made its latest push into the grocery industry with the launch of its [...]

Amazon India to use mom-and-pop shops as delivery points

PUBLISHED 24/01/2020 Retail Asia Global online retailer Amazon has partnered with more than 20,000 local “kirana” stores in India to serve as delivery points. The move [...]